Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just Keeps Getting Better

I'm not really one to want any particular calling at church. However, if there is one I have ALWAYS wanted, it would be anything involved with the Young Women's Program. There's a back story to it though. When I was a Young Woman I had FANTASTIC leaders in my life who were AMAZING examples to me and made my teen years a lot more fun in many ways. When my mom passed away, I moved into a very small branch and there just wasn't enough membership to have a Young Women's Program. I was the only teenage girl, and close to 18 (where you head to Relief Society anyway) so the decision was made to just finish my personal progress on my own, but attend Relief Society for that hour of meetings. Honestly, I always felt kind of cheated. I LOVE Relief Society, but as a teenager I didn't want to learn about being a wife and mom yet.

Fast forward about 12 years. I'm back in that little branch. It's a little bigger now, we are even getting a building soon! There are enough teenagers that we DO have a Young Women's program and last week I was called as the Young Women's President. I'm beyond excited, and yet overwhelmed and scared at the same time. I desperately want to be the kind of example these girls need at this fundamental stage in their life. I get to work on my personal progress stuff all over again right along side my girls. I get to love and be inspired by these AMAZING young women and I just continue to feel seriously so blessed! I know that I will learn far more from my girls than they can possibly learn from me. I love them already and am so excited to take on this new challenge in my life.


Karen and Loren said...

Horray! I remember you told me when I got called that you've always wanted to be in YW. I'm excited you have the chance now!

Melissa said...

Congratulations Steffani!!!! Those girls you will be working with will be very blessed!! It is amazing how the Lord works and His perfect timing on things when we may not know we need it but are so glad when it happens. Good Luck and have fun!!!

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