Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time Flies When We're Having Fun

This summer has been flying by and I'm honestly not really sure where it went. Hailey starts first grade in two weeks and I start nursing school next month, so I figure an update is in order....I'll do my best.

I have participated in several festivals and fairs this year selling my bows and other girly accessories and it has been a great help to my budget. In fact, just last week a cheerleading team ordered three sets of bows for this coming season and that was pretty exciting....definitely the kind of contacts that are good to have with a small business.

We have done some driving and had lots of visitors this summer. My great-grandma has not been doing very well health wise and so most of the family has come to see her at some point or another. I have seen cousins, aunts, uncles and wonderful people that it had been FAR too long since seeing last. That has probably been the highlight of my summer (other than the reasons behind the visits).

Hailey has loved the summer time, and especially playing in the water, but tells me almost everyday how excited she is for school to start again. She loves to learn and loves to be around other kids her age. She's a beautiful and smart little girl and I can't believe she turned six last week. Hailey played on a t-ball team this summer and is VERY excited to start soccer this fall.

Alyssa is hyper as ever and goofy as can be. She can always make everyone laugh and is becoming quite the little talker, even if it's not always easy to understand yet. She will be four in two weeks and is also very much looking forward to playing soccer this fall and going back to school (daycare, but she calls it school). She loves her friends there and has fabulous teachers and I feel so blessed that that is the case.

Kimber turned two last spring and her personality is starting to flourish. She is sweet and loving, crazy and outgoing, loud and proud, and all around a great kid. She's very two, but we are working on that and I have to remind myself sometimes that she will grow out of it long before I am ready for her to grow up. Kimber would be very excited to tell you that the girls got a new puppy a week or two ago. She is a black lab and they named her Shadow. Very sweet dog! =)

Church is fantastic and I love my Young Women more than ever. I got the wonderful opportunity in the middle of July to go up to camp with young women from all over the stake. It was up near Kirtland, Ohio which is one of the early historical sites for the church. It was an incredible experience, especially when I realized that I was walking the same fields a prophet of God had walked.

In other BIG news...I'm planning a vacation this winter to UTAH!!! I'm SO excited to see some wonderful friends and family. I can't wait....134 days and counting! Not that I'm excited or anything....Rocky Mountains here we come!


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