Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where Does Time Go?

Okay, it has been over two months since I have posted. I feel like a total SLACKER! But, I swear I'm not. I have been very busy, but all with good things. Let me see if I can catch you up to speed (I act like there are actually people reading this, but humor me....) School, kids, bows, family, dating, cleaning. There, I think you are caught up. He he!

This quarter turned out great! I really enjoyed my classes. I got a 98% in my Anatomy class and therefore didn't have to take the final. I learned a lot and really enjoyed my teacher. I have him again next quarter for A&P 3. We discussed the nervous system, senses, circulatory system, and immune system. In the process we dissected a brain, an eye, and a heart....all VERY cool!!! Wish I had pictures to post, but I don't. I know you're all very disappointed. I'll take some next quarter when we do the cat.
My English class went better than I could have even asked for. I REALLY liked my teacher. She let us revise papers for better grades if we weren't happy with it and I ended up with a 100% in the class. I got that to start with on my final two papers and didn't have to revise them at all. We wrote four papers this quarter. My first was a narrative about the night I lost my mom. Next was a descriptive essay about Monterey, California which I happen to think is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Third was a compare and contrast essay where I compared Mormons with mainstream Christianity, and finally an argument that I wrote about how vital nursing care is in relation to pediatric oncology. I had actually written that paper for my Allied Health class, but my English teacher was all about us using other classes papers for her too. Her motto was, "work smart, not hard." Oh how I wish she was teaching 102 next quarter.
Finally my Allied Health class. I actually got more out of it than I was expecting. It was more along the lines of how to succeed in college and life kind of course. I gained a lot in the way of self esteem to be honest. It was pretty much shot for many of the last several years. But in some of the exercises we had to do, I was reminded of all the things I am proud of in my life, and the kind of woman I am. I am happier now than I have been in a long time. My teacher even said she had noticed as the quarter went on a physical change as well. I started doing my hair and makeup more and wearing brighter colors and she said she could definitely tell there was something different. It was a great compliment to me.
Next quarter shouldn't be too bad, except that it starts WAY too early in the morning. I only have school MWF, from 8:00-12:30. I will also have one online class, and tutor in the library when needed. I'm excited. I can't think of a better schedule for Spring than to be done early and head home to play outside with my girls. I LOVE SPRING!!!

The girls are growing leaps and bounds. Hailey is doing fabulously in school and her teacher says she is already ready for first grade. She is reading quite a bit and has even read some to her sisters when they will sit still enough. I am so proud of her. She loves school and I really hope that continues throughout her life. Alyssa is still a little fireball. She is working on the potty training thing. Right now we have a fishbowl full of candy and when she goes potty she gets a piece of candy. When the candy is gone she will get a fish. I am hoping and praying it works as I REALLY need her potty trained before my next quarter starts so she can go to the daycare there at school. Kimber is getting WAY too big. She is talking more and more and will be two next month....Where, O Where does the time go? I swear it was just yesterday I had her. I had some pictures done of them last weekend and they are precious! I adore my girls and am so blessed to have them in my life. I don't know where I would be without them.

I am working on building up my stock of bows. My friend Erica and I are planning to do a booth at a flea market this spring and then a booth at a craft fair as well. If I find more craft fairs I will consider doing those too. I enjoy making the bows, but it can be time consuming at times too.

As to family, my great grandma was not doing well for quite some time and is now at our house on hospice. So I was helping as much as I could with her care. She is actually doing much better and can get around some on her own. She even made it to the bathroom today with her walker. This is BIG progress people! I love having her so close that I can go in and see her anytime I want. I love that my girls go in and entertain her at times. Alyssa even got a Mr. Potato Head all goofy and took it in to sit on grandma's end table so that it would make her smile. I love how thoughtful my kids can be at times!

I have been dating a little. Not really sure how much I can/should talk about here. Suffice it to say my wonderful cousin got me Rascal Flatts tickets back in January. She was going to go with me, but decided to send a friend of hers instead. We talked a little before hand, then he took me to dinner before the concert. We had a wonderful time and the concert was fantastic! We have seen each other several times since and I just really enjoy spending time with him. He makes me laugh, my kids love him, and he treats me and the people I love with the utmost respect. We'll leave it at that for now.

Cleaning is not interesting enough to blog about, but it takes up more of my time than I would like. The whole point of this post really is just that



Lori Thompson said...

Oh my gosh! Your girls are getting so big! Glad to hear you're doing great!
miss you!

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